Music Made With Condom

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Condoms are very important for a healthy sex life, but they’re good for more than just sex and water balloon fun. You can even make music with the contraceptive device like these guys did! The music video by kollektivetLivet from last week is going viral now, and is featured TheDailyWhat, Buzzfeed, BitsAndPieces, and CollegeHumor.   Read more:


21 Times When It’s Totally Okay To Be A Quitter

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You know, I never really bought into the idea that quitters never win. Sure, you probably shouldn’t abandon your master’s thesis halfway through or give up on your childhood dreams, but there are some situations that merit throwing in the towel. It’s not usually the noblest thing to do, but for the sake of your […]


Giant Spider Dog Prank Is Hilarious

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Halloween is just around the corner. To get in the creepy mood, SA Wardega made this hilarious prank that has instantly gone viral with over 9 million views! After dressing a dog in a chilling spider costume, they set the dog out to terrifying people late at night. Their reactions are priceless! This prank is too good!   Read […]


Benedict Cumberbatch And Jimmy Fallon Imitate Alan Rickman

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English actor Alan Rickman has a voice and sound few can compete with.  While Benedict Cumberbatch visited Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night, Jim challenged Benedict to a so called “Alan Rickman-off.” The two recited hip hop lyrics in their best Alan Rickman voice, and the web is loving it! Over the weekend, the clip has amassed over 400,000 […]


Bryan Cranston’s Favorite Fan Letter

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NSFW Content While visiting Conan on his late night program, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame discussed Bryan’s favorite fan letter.  As Bryan read the steamy letter it became clear that the author’s assumed intentions were not as they seemed.    Read more:


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